• Cool Roof Reflects Solar Radiation
  • Federal T.I.A.P. (Tax Incentive Assistance Project) Available
  • 50 Degree Temperature Reduction
  • Savings On Air-Conditioning Electricity
  • 38,000 sq. ft Roof
  • 4,140.00 Utility Rebate Incentive
  • $6,200.00 T.I.A.P.


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  • Eliminate Costly Tear-Off or Second Roof
  • Federal TIAP (Tax Incentive Assistance) Available
  • Utility Company Incentives
  • Electrical Consumption Savings on Air-Conditioning

A cool roof is one that reflects the sun’s heat and emits absorbed radiation back into the atmosphere. The roof literally stays cooler and reduces the amount of heat transferred to the building below, keeping the building a cooler and more constant temperature. The two basic characteristics that determine the ‘coolness’ of a roof are solar reflectance (SR) and thermal emittance (TE). Both properties are rated on a scale from 0 to 1, where 1 is the most reflective or emissive. When a roof is coated with a Liquid or Fluid product that is ENERGY STAR rated it is called a Cool Roof.

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"Our a/c electricity has lowered about 22%, we have a two story medical building. The roof had about twenty leaks and they are all gone. CRN had the lowest bid out of the 5 bids we received. There was no down time as they installed the LARS (Liquid Applied Roofing System) during business hours."