• Cool Roof Reflects Solar Radiation
  • Federal T.I.A.P. (Tax Incentive Assistance Project) Available
  • 50 Degree Temperature Reduction
  • Savings On Air-Conditioning Electricity
  • 38,000 sq. ft Roof
  • 4,140.00 Utility Rebate Incentive
  • $6,200.00 T.I.A.P.

An Industry With Huge Potential

Consider the analogy of a long distance road race. In which, the long distance race itself symbolize the life of your franchise, and the automobile you choose parallels the quality of work. You have to choose between a sports car with a small gas tank and poor gas mileage, and an off-road truck that has superior gas mileage and a large fuel reserve. Your decision is simple, rush jobs, ignore manufacturer specs, and application principles, or be honest about the performance of the coatings and the application of coatings to ensure a long and successful race. The vehicle you choose has a major impact on your success in business. You have to strive to be a technologist, which is someone who solves practical problems benefiting growth in the economy and helping the environment. More of the Fortune 500 corporations are in California than any other state.

“The USA must lead the Green Clean Energy movement. California’s known to have the 7Th largest economic economy in the world. 1/3 of the world’s venture capital has gone to California to invest in Green jobs. This is a business we can do all across America. Green jobs are growing 10 times faster than any other segment and are the largest source of jobs in California.”

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger April 11, 2011.