• Cool Roof Reflects Solar Radiation
  • Federal T.I.A.P. (Tax Incentive Assistance Project) Available
  • 50 Degree Temperature Reduction
  • Savings On Air-Conditioning Electricity
  • 38,000 sq. ft Roof
  • 4,140.00 Utility Rebate Incentive
  • $6,200.00 T.I.A.P.

Help Create Green Collar Jobs

Get in a business vehicle that can get you where you want to go an industry driven by Incentives and the moral code of helping people and creating green-collar jobs. The expansion of sustainable business opportunities can contribute to job creation through the introduction of green-collar workers. We can train and educate people and grow businesses. Having people who have gone ahead of you for 5 years in an industry, pushing the industry and making mistakes and picking ourselves back up and learning from them is what we have done. We are part of your team running with you helping you to accomplish your goals.