• Cool Roof Reflects Solar Radiation
  • Federal T.I.A.P. (Tax Incentive Assistance Project) Available
  • 50 Degree Temperature Reduction
  • Savings On Air-Conditioning Electricity
  • 38,000 sq. ft Roof
  • 4,140.00 Utility Rebate Incentive
  • $6,200.00 T.I.A.P.

It's a Decoupling Business

The right business, for the right time, for the right people: it’s called a “decoupling business”. The United Nations Environment Program in 2011 published a document called “Decoupling”. They stated that in economic and environmental fields, the term decoupling is becoming increasingly used in the context of economic production and environmental quality. When used in this way, it refers to the ability of an economy to grow without incurring corresponding increases in environmental pressure. Decoupling natural resources and using them to improve environmental impacts from economic growth. The quote was

“People believe environmental ‘bads’ are the price we must pay for economic ‘goods.’ However, we cannot, and need not, continue to act as if this trade-off is inevitable”. At the world summit it was noted that we are required the reconciliation of environmental, social equity and economic demands. The focus on building and promoting sustainable business practices integrating the ecological concerns with social and economic ones (i.e., the three pillars orthe triple bottom line”).  Win, Win, Win. It’s what is best for the building, best for the environment, best for the bottom line of the profit and loss for the building owner/tenant.