• Cool Roof Reflects Solar Radiation
  • Federal T.I.A.P. (Tax Incentive Assistance Project) Available
  • 50 Degree Temperature Reduction
  • Savings On Air-Conditioning Electricity
  • 38,000 sq. ft Roof
  • 4,140.00 Utility Rebate Incentive
  • $6,200.00 T.I.A.P.

Utility Company Incentives

Many Utility companies and state agencies offer numerous incentives in the form of Cash Rebates, Credits on your utility bill or Cash paid out to defer the project cost. Examples below:

To check rebates: http://www.coolroofs.org/codes_and_programs.html

    • Florida Power and Light offers numerous incentives to small and large businesses, apartment and condominium buildings. Incentives range from $ 0.45 to $0.50 cents per-square-foot of air conditioned space.  www.fpl.com
    • TECO ENERGY offers commercial/industrial customers within Tampa Electric’s service area, who installs a qualifying cool roof application a Customer Rebate of $0.60 per gross square footage of roof top area( gross roof top area=total roof top sq. ft.- total equipment sq. ft.) maximum rebate amount $15,000.00. www.tecoenergy.com
    • Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E),  www.pge.com
    • Southern California Edison (SCE),  www.sce.com
    • Sacramento Municipal Utility District, www.smud.org
    • Burbank Water and Power, www.burbankwaterandpower.com
    • Idaho Power, www.idahopower.com
    • City of Austin, www.austinenergy.com
    • Bryan Texas Utilities, www.btutilities.com
    • CPS Energy (San Antonio), www.cpsenergy.com
    • Progress Energy (North and South Carolina), http://progress-energy.com
    • Gainesville Regional Utilities, www.gru.com
    • Salt River Project (Arizona), www.srpnet.com
    • Winter Park, Fl www.cityofwinterpark.org Cool roof: Install a cool roof and save up to 15% on A/C costs while earning10 cents/ sq. ft. max. $15,000 per building.