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Get in a business vehicle that can get you where you want to go an industry driven by Incentives and the moral code of helping people and creating green-collar jobs. The expansion of sustainable business opportunities can contribute to job creation through the introduction of... Read more

The right business, for the right time, for the right people: it’s called a “decoupling business”. The United Nations Environment Program in 2011 published a document called “Decoupling”. They stated that in economic and environmental fields, the term decoupling is becoming... Read more

Consider the analogy of a long distance road race. In which, the long distance race itself symbolize the life of your franchise, and the automobile you choose parallels the quality of work. You have to choose between a sports car with a small gas tank and poor gas mileage, and an off-road... Read more

According to article from Dept of Energy July 2010, “Cool roofing is the fastest growing sector of the building industry, as building owners and facility managers realize the immediate and long-term benefits of roofs that stay cool in the sun. Studies exploring the energy efficiency,... Read more

We are looking for business people who bring their sales and marking experience and abilities to the table. There are so many professionals pushing a business that is not getting them where they want to go. Most people do not want to change direction or careers, but if you have sales and... Read more

Concerning environmental issues, cool roofing has no negative geo-social impact, but rather has been a head of the curve when dealing with modern issues such as. Help move our country away from oil dependency. Our country is dependent on foreign oil, 60% of the oil we use... Read more

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