There are four different product types in the fluid applied area.

  1. Elastomeric Low Solid Volume products. This is a rubberized undercoating specially formulated for roofing.
  2. Acrylic, Water based, easy to handle, good adhesion to most roof types, most commonly used reflective coating, cures by evaporation, reasonably strong, very sensitive to weather.
  3. Silicone, Solvent based, typically used for spray polyurethane roofs, weather very well, weaker tensile strength, good water resistance. One you go silicone you have to stay silicone always.
  4. Urethane, this is solvent based, 3-10 times stronger than acrylic, greater adhesion to most roof types than acrylic, most cure with exposure to air, less sensitive to weather, more difficult to work with.